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If you have no user rights for the settings, User 'Admin', when you first start after the update, exit the EventCashier complete using the double pressure on the home button of your Ipad and start the EventCashier new!


Other Features:

  • Articles in the basket can be displayed in summarised form
  • 15 different operators possible (1 admin and 14 with various rights and designations)
  • Each operator has their "own" operator billing.
  • Using the cancellation function it is now possible to "cancel" articles that have already been posted.
  • Cashier billing as Z-reading
  • The export & import functions have been expanded and improved with a number of points:
  • X-reading as PDF, Z-reading as PDF, operator report as PDF
  • Cashier backups can be loaded and viewed after logging into
  • Entry of 2 VAT rates
  • In the article configuration it is possible to individually set whether an article is printed out with the receipt printer.
  • Various errors eliminated